Stallions News · HSD2 and Sierra Phase Two Return to Practice/Play Protocol

With the success of our phase one reentry back to athletics we are happy to announce that starting June 22nd we will be moving on to Phase Two.

Phase 2

 June 22 – July 11

Pre-workout screening:

  • All coaches/staff and student will be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to a workout. Screening includes temperature check. Please be aware if a student has walked to practice his/her temperature could be elevated. These students should be rechecked after 10 minutes after students are out of the sun. Temperature checks should be taken inside or in the shade. Parents who drop student off for workout should remain in their car until there student passes screening.
  • Responses to screening questions for each person will be recorded and stored so that there is a record for everyone present in case a student develops COVID-19. A monitoring form will be provided for you. If a temperature is rechecked both temperatures must be listed. Coaches will store screening forms. Coaches keep names of individuals in pods/groups/cohorts.
  • Any person with positive symptoms reported will not be allowed to take part in workouts/practice and will contact his or her primary care provider or other appropriate health-care professional. Isolate the individual immediately, provide a mask, call parent/guardian to have student picked up. May return to practice if no fever 3 days in a row without the use of medication to lower fever. If sent home for other another symptom on the checklist then the individual must be symptom free for 3 days.
  • Vulnerable individuals should not oversee or practice/participate in any workouts during Phase 2.
  • Individual does not complete pre-screening taken immediately out of pod/group/cohort – practice rights taken away for 2 days on first offense. Second offense loss of practices rights for remainder of summer workouts.

Limitations on Workouts/Practice/Gatherings:

  • No workout of more than 20 students at a time inside in groups of 10 and cannot intermingle or 50 students outside in groups of 25 that cannot intermingle. Groups of 25 can meet in different outside areas as part of the same program. Ex: 25 players with coach(s) at one football goal line, another group at other goal line. Inside ex: groups of 10 students at either end of the gym. Additional coaches may be added to groups/pods/cohorts. Social distancing should be applied during non-activity, stretching etc.
  • Workouts should be conducted in pods/group/cohort students with the same 10 or less individuals always working out together inside. Smaller pod can be utilized for weight training if needed. Individuals cannot join other pods/groups/cohorts.
  • There must be a minimum distance of 6 feet between each individual during work out times when applicable to the drill/situation. If this is not possible indoors, then the maximum number of individuals in the room must be decreased until proper distancing can occur.
  • Locker rooms will not be utilized during Phase 2. Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at the end of the workout.
  • Create one-way entry and exit doors/gates where possible.
  • Minimize player contact by eliminating: handshaking, high fives and hugging. Individuals should not use sunflower seeds and should refrain from spitting in areas where other individuals could step or come in contact with the seed(s) or spit. Individuals should throw away their own trash. Assist individuals to not touch face.
  • Community water jugs will not be available. Individuals will need to bring their own drinking bottle(s) filled with water or drink. Drinking fountains will not be used.
  • Encourage players to provide their own transportation. If players walk home together encourage them to social distance.
  • No gatherings of team or players off school site. No participation with other groups at parks etc. that do not follow COVID safety guidelines/procedures. Workouts with clubs/personal trainers will be allowed if COVID safety guidelines and procedures are followed. Students who participate with clubs/personal trainers must pass the screening for D2 participation and follow the guidelines if screening is failed.  
  • Students must leave school site immediately after workout/practice. Students will not be allowed to mix with other pods/groups/cohorts.

Facilities Cleaning: Adults are in charge of sanitizing/disinfecting, students assist

  • Adequate cleaning schedules will be followed and implemented for all athletic/training facilities to mitigate any communicable diseases.
  • Prior to an individual or groups of individuals entering a facility, hard surfaces within the facility should we wiped down and sanitized (chairs, furniture, weight room equipment, bathrooms, athletic training tables, faucets, toilet handles, etc.)
  • Individuals should wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with warm water and soap before touching any surfaces or participating in workouts. If water not available individuals should use hand sanitizer.
  • Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available to individuals as they transfer from place to place.
  • Weight equipment will be wiped down/disinfected thoroughly before and after individual use of equipment, also at the end of facility use and the start of facility use.
  • Appropriate clothing/shoes should be worn at all times in the weight room and in other practice areas to minimize sweat from transmitting onto equipment/surfaces.
  • Any equipment such as weight benches, athletic pads,etc. having holes with exposed foam will be covered.
  • Students must be encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon returning home.

Physical Activity:

  • As players begin to share equipment it will be important that students not touch their face or lick fingers prior to touching/using equipment.
  • Athletic equipment will be allowed to be shared. Cleaning and sanitizing procedures should be followed.
  • Students will wear their own appropriate workout clothing (do not share), individual clothing/towels should not be shared and should be washed and cleaned after every workout.
  • Students will have a face mask with them at all workouts. No sharing of face mask.
  • All athletic equipment, including balls will be cleaned/disinfected/sanitized after use and prior to the next workout. If a ball or equipment are dirty, it should be first washed until dirt is removed with detergent or soap and then disinfected/sanitized. Disinfectant will not work on a dirty surface.
  • Individual and group drills requiring the use of athletic equipment are permissible, but the equipment will be cleaned/disinfected/sanitized prior to use be the next individual, group or workout/practice. Shared equipment will be cleaned after the group workout.
  • Free weight exercises may use spotters on either side of the bar. Safety measures in all forms must be strictly enforced in the weight room.
  • Sport equipment/balls should be cleaned/sanitized upon completion of the practice/workout.


  • Basketball players can work with other players in their group/cohort/pod. They may share equipment/balls and play competitive situations/games in that group/cohort/pod. Social distancing will be practiced when and where possible.
  • Football players may work in and share balls in their group/cohort/pod. 7 on 7 is allowed. Social distancing will be practiced when and where possible.
  • Volleyball players can work with others in their own group/cohort/pod and may share equipment/balls. Social distancing will be practiced when and where possible.
  • Softball and baseball players may share balls and equipment with other players in group/cohort/pod. Players should attempt to play catch with the same 2-4 people during this time. This time would also allow the use of a catcher. Social distancing will be practiced when and where possible.
  • Soccer can share equipment/balls with other players in their group/cohort/pod and also play in competitive situations in their group/cohort/pod. Social distancing will be practiced when and where possible.
  • Wrestlers may skill and drill without touching a teammate.
  • Cheerleaders may participate/perform partner stunts. Building will not be allowed.
  • Tennis player may share equipment and balls in their group/cohort/pod. Competitive games would be allowed. Social distancing will be practiced when and where possible.
  • Cross country runners can run in group/cohort/pod. Socials distancing will be practiced when and where possible
  • These examples are not all encompassing. Coaches, staff and students must use common sense to assure the safety of all. Seek out guidance from building level athletic director, district athletic director or district nurse.


  • When dropping your student off wait until your student has passed the daily participation screening. If you student does not pass he/she will not be allowed to stay at practice or on district grounds. If your student walks he/she will be directed to walk home and coach will contact parent or guardian.
  • Only students directly involved in activities are allowed in district facilities or on the field where students are participating. If you need to speak with a coach have your student inform the coach. To communicate the coach will social distance and wear a face mask. Parents/Guardians will also wear a face mask.
  • When picking your student up. Please stay in your vehicle. Leave immediately after your student is in your vehicle.
  • If you are uncomfortable sending your student to practice/work out it will not be held against them. We understand that individuals have different ideas about safety with COVID-19 and are sensitive to those ideas.