Stallions News · Practice With a Purpose

Challenging your players to create a competitive atmosphere outside of just games

It’s a hot summer day, and you just finished mowing the lawn and washing the car. With sweat still dripping from your forehead, you head into the house and sit down on your favorite recliner to relax.

With the remote in one hand, you turn on the TV and discover your team is playing an exciting afternoon baseball game. All that’s missing from this becoming the perfect day is that ice cold, frosty beverage in your other hand. But at this point, you’re way too comfortable in your Lazy Boy.

Your son saddles up next to you for some quality bonding time, cheering every time Derek Jeter comes through with a clutch hit. An idea pops into your head.

“Hey son,” you say. “Want to do your dad a big favor and get him a drink from the fridge?”

Crickets. Not even a flinch to indicate that he heard you. And if he did, that 7-year-old of yours has learned the fine art of selective hearing that took you decades to perfect. So you ask again, this time making sure to grab his attention.

“Hey buddy, daddy is really thirsty. Can you please grab me a drink from the kitchen?”

In an annoyed tone, your son moans, “no.”

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