Multiple Teams · Talent vs. Attitude

What would you rather have, a team full of talent with poor attitudes, or a team with low talent and great attitudes? For some, this may be a difficult choice, but for the majority of coaches, the choice is easy. I’ll take the team of great attitudes over talent. In the end, talent will only take you so far. But a positive attitude will open many doors.

All coaches want talented players. At the high school level, talent is not always under the control of the coaches. Attitude is much more under the control of the coach than talent level is. Talent can win you games, but character and attitude win championships. Coaches would rather invest their time in a group of athletes who are motivated, coachable, hard-working, disciplined and great teammates over a selfish group of talented athletes.

“Attitude and chemistry are the factors that can kick people up to higher levels of winning, no matter what talent they have.” – Coach Jerry Wainwright

A bit of advice for all the players out there: Coaches will select players with less talent but who have more dedication to the team over a selfishly talented individual.

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